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We are open! Now all the necessary information can be found at our official site www.asp.az There are no queues! Spare parts and consumables for machinery, we are always in stock! Spare parts for excavators and bulldozers for Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi and other manufacturers of construction equipment.

We have received the status
official distributor
company "Manipav Azerbaijan"


Manipav M 2000 and M 3000 laser-controlled concrete pavers is a new concept on paving concrete. This technology always provides accurate results, saving to labor and equipment . It puts in practice High-quality laser controlled by a simple concrete. M 2000 and M3000 are the same quality.

Manipav laser-controlled concrete paving machines has a connected spirals in front of beam and vibratory plate.

Thus, using less equipment, less labor, you get high-quality flat concrete floor. Manipav laser- controlled concrete pavers are designed for easy transportation and easy installation. Manipav laser-controlled concrete pavers can be easily transported by a large van or a trailer and can be installed in 20 minutes.

  • Laser-controlled table
  • Low cost for labor and decrease expenses of concrete
  • Labor-saving and less concrete cost
  • M2000 Production capacity +250 m2/hour
  • M3000 Production capacity +500 m2/hour

Manipav 2000 and 3000 are supplied with vibratory plate and spiral. M3000 spirals moves in right and left direction and it saves labor.

Manipav 2000 and 3000 are supplied with a vibrator in front of spirals. It distributes concrete at high frequency vibration and provides with smooth surface.

Manipav 2000 has a frame which can be folded, it is 90 cm when it folded and it is suitable to transport it with a small Pick up or van. There is Manipav-3000 which is larger machine and it can be transport by wagon trailer or van.

Manipav 3000 is powered by Lombardini 29 hp, 3-cylinder diesel engine.
Manipav 2000 is powered by new generation engine Honda13.5Hp.

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